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Mickey Dubrow’s debut novel is a dystopian tale about a young couple’s life after opportunistic U.S. politicians abolish the wall of separation between Church and State. Seth and Maggie Ginsberg do their best to navigate an oppressive theocracy where fundamental Christianity is the only legal religion, and abortion, homosexuality, and adultery are outlawed. When a co-worker outs Seth as a Jew, Seth escapes to Mexico, while Maggie is sent to a Savior Camp. American Judas mixes political satire, suspense, and family drama.


Part mystery, part dystopia, American Judas is satiric and stinging. Set in a future when the American way is “God and guns” and inspectors invade your privacy to verify your faith, this novel cuts awfully close to home. It is as provocative as The Handmaid’s Tale, and just as important to read.

– Anthony Grooms author of The Vain Conversation and Bombingham

A gripping, timely story of religious intolerance, oppression, and the America we might one day become.

– Sheri Joseph author of Where You Can Find Me

Mickey Dubrow is not about subtlety—he sends us an angry roar against unholy hypocrisy. In the pages of this dystopia, the National Church of Christ makes sure the American way stays straight and narrow … by cruelly reforming homosexuals, drug addicts, adulterers, Satan worshipers, and Liberals. The message of American Judas is like watching a naked National Church choir: The pious hymns will never reach the angels, because the chubby, sweating bodies belong to animals.

– Charles McNair author of Land O’ Goshen, Picket’s Charge, and The Epicureans

About the Author

Mickey Dubrow, Author of American Judas

Mickey Dubrow is passionate about telling stories with fresh, entertaining perspectives. he wants readers to feel excitement, sympathy, amusement, joy, and maybe even a little anxiety when they read his novels. In American Judas, he explores, among other possibilities, lost faith in America and what this might mean for the freedoms we cherish so much. As a freelance writer and producer for television, Mickey's clients include CNN, Cartoon Network Marketing, and SRA/McGraw Hill.

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